Converting AAX audiobooks to MP3

This is a quick guide to convert AAX files (DRMed audiobooks) to it’s MP3 equivalent.

I just got ‘The Phoenix Project’ book from amazon.es, it was on sale together with it’s audible audiobook version..

The thing is that I don’t want to install any additional software and I just want to listen the MP3 version in my phone, and no it isn’t a smartphone.. And to keep a sort of backup in something different than this mumbo-jumbo AAX stuff.

So this is a small copy/edit/paste recipe to convert the AAX files to MP3… Working fine and really easy to achieve…

  git clone https://github.com/inAudible-NG/tables.git
  git clone https://github.com/KrumpetPirate/AAXtoMP3.git
  wget http://project-rainbowcrack.com/rainbowcrack-1.7-linux64.zip
  unzip rainbowcrack-1.7-linux64.zip
  mv AAXtoMP3/* tables/
  mv rainbowcrack-1.7-linux64/* tables/
  mv <your_aax_file_name>.aax tables/
  cd tables
  ffprobe <your_aax_file_name>.aax
  # Get the "[aax] file checksum"
  ./rcrack . -h <your_checksum>
  # Get the activation bytes hex
  bash AAXtoMP3 <your_activation_bytes> <your_aax_file_name>.aax

  # It will be generated an audiobook with the MP3 files in it.
  # *-*-Enjoy-*-*

This is basically all you need to convert your AAX file to MP3.

And no, I won’t share with you my copy of the ‘The Phoenix Project’ DeDRMed audiobook…


The purpose of this recipe is to be able to create backups of your audio books and be able to play them on other non DRM capable players. Please do not share or upload your DeDRMed files with anyone else.


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