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Openstack & TripleO deployment using Inlunch - DEPRECATED

Today I’m going to speak about the first Openstack installer I used to deploy TripleO. Inlunch, as its name aims it should make you “Get an Instack environment prepared for you while you head out for lunch.”

The steps that I’m used to run are:

  • Connect to your remote server (Your physical server) as root and generate the file and append it to the authorized_keys file.
ssh-keygen -t rsa
cd .ssh
cat >> authorized_keys
  • Install some dependencies and clone Inlunch.
rpm -iUvh
sudo yum -y install git ansible nano
git clone
  • Go to the inlunch folder and edit the answer file to fits your needs. In the answers files by default it creates 6 nodes with 5GB RAM each, I usually change this to 3 nodes with 8GB RAM.
cd inlunch
vi answers.yml.example
  • The last but not least Inlunch step it is to deploy our undercloud!!! As simple as it sounds. As you can see Inlunch uses Ansible for all the steps automation using SSH. In this case we added the root public key to the same server and the installation is pointed to localhost.
INLUNCH_ANSWERS=answers.yml.example INLUNCH_FQDN=localhost ./
  • Once you have finished this last step you can login in the undercloud node by sshing to the physical server using the 2200 port.
ssh -p 2200 root@<your_server_fqdn_goes_here>

This is it :) your undercloud it is up and running.

Now, I will show the following steps to deploy the master branch of tripleo-heat-templates to finish the overcloud deployment.

  • Login as the stack user and source the stackrc file
su - stack
source stackrc
  • Let’s clone all needed repositories.
git clone
git clone
git clone
  • And to finish let’s deploy the TripleO pacemaker environment.
  openstack overcloud deploy \
  --libvirt-type qemu \
  --ntp-server \
  --templates /home/stack/tripleo-heat-templates \
  -e /home/stack/tripleo-heat-templates/overcloud-resource-registry-puppet.yaml \
  -e /home/stack/tripleo-heat-templates/environments/puppet-pacemaker.yaml

Now you should have deployed successfully your undercloud/overcloud environment using Inlunch.

Thanks Jiri for this amazing installer!!


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