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Debugging submissions errors in TripleO CI

Landing upstream submissions might be hard if you are not passing all the CI jobs that try to check that your code actually works.

Let’s assume that CI is working properly without any kind of infra issue or without any error introduced by mistake from other submissions. In which case, we might ending having something like:

The first thing that we should do it’s to double check the status from all the other jobs that are actually in the TripleO CI status page. This can be checked in the following site:

Also, we can get the jobs status by checking the Zuul dashboard.

Or checking the TripleO test cloud nodepool.

After checking that there are jobs passing CI let’s check why our job it’s not passing correctly.

For each job the folder structure should be similar to:

[TXT]  console.html
[DIR]  logs/
  [DIR]  overcloud-cephstorage-0/
  [DIR]  overcloud-controller-0/
  [DIR]  overcloud-novacompute-0/
  [   ]  postci.txt.gz
  [DIR]  undercloud/

It’s possible to check the deployment status in the console.html file there you will see the result of all the deployment steps executed in order to pass the CI job.

In case of having i.e. a failed deployment you can check postci.txt.gz to get the actual standard error from the deployment.

Also from folders overcloud-cephstorage-0, overcloud-controller-0 and overcloud-novacompute-0 you will have the content of /var that will point out all the services logs.

Other useful tip might be to get all the job logs folder with wget and crawl for a string containing the Error word.

#Get the CI job folder i.e. using the following URL.
wget -e robots=off -r --no-parent
grep -iR "Error: " *

You will probably see there something pointing out an error, and hopefully will give you clues about the next steps to fix them and land your submissions as soon as possible.


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