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Deployment tips for puppet-tripleo changes

This post will describe different ways of debugging puppet-tripleo changes.

Deploying puppet-tripleo using gerrit patches or source code repositories

In some cases, dependencies should be merged first in order to test newer patches when adding new features to THT. With the following procedure, the user will be able to create the overcloud images using WorkInProgress patches from gerrit code review without having them merged (for CI testing purposes).

If using third party repos included in the overcloud image, like i.e. the puppet-tripleo repository, your changes will not be available by default in the overcloud until you write them in the overcloud image (by default is: overcloud-full.qcow2)

In order to make quick changes to the overcloud image for testing purposes, you can:

Export the paths to your submission by following an In-Progress review:

  export DIB_INSTALLTYPE_puppet_tripleo=source
  export DIB_REPOLOCATION_puppet_tripleo=
  export DIB_REPOREF_puppet_tripleo=refs/changes/25/310725/14

In order to avoid noise on IRC, it is possible to clone puppet-tripleo and apply the changes from your github account. In some cases this is particularly useful as there is no need to update the patchset number.

  export DIB_INSTALLTYPE_puppet_tripleo=source
  export DIB_REPOLOCATION_puppet_tripleo=<usergoeshere>/puppet-tripleo

Remove previously created images from glance and from the user home folder by:

  rm -rf /home/stack/overcloud-full.*
  glance image-delete overcloud-full
  glance image-delete overcloud-full-initrd
  glance image-delete overcloud-full-vmlinuz

After this step the images can be recreated by executing:

  ./tripleo-ci/scripts/ --overcloud-images

Debugging puppet-tripleo from overcloud images

For debugging purposes, it is possible to mount the overcloud .qcow2 file:

  #Install the libguest tool:
  sudo yum install -y libguestfs-tools

  #Create a temp folder to mount the overcloud-full image:
  mkdir /tmp/overcloud-full

  #Mount the image:
  guestmount -a overcloud-full.qcow2 -i --rw /tmp/overcloud-full

  #Check and validate all the changes to your overcloud image, go to /tmp/overcloud-full:
  #  For example, in this step you can go to /opt/puppet-modules/tripleo,

  #Umount the image
  sudo umount /tmp/overcloud-full

From the mounted image file it is also possible to run, for testing purposes, the puppet manifests by using puppet apply and including your manifests:

  sudo puppet apply -v --debug --modulepath=/tmp/overcloud-full/opt/stack/puppet-modules -e "include ::tripleo::services::time::ntp"


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