Cloud computing

TripleO cheatsheet

This is a cheatsheet some of my regularly used commands to test, develop or debug TripleO deployments.


  • swift download overcloud

    Download the overcloud swift container files in the current folder (With the rendered j2 templates).

  • heat resource-list --nested-depth 5 overcloud | grep FAILED

    Show resources, filtering to get those who have failed.

  • heat deployment-show <deployment_ID>

    Get the deployment details for <deployment_ID>.

  • openstack image list

    List images.

  • openstack image delete <image_ID>

    Delete <image_ID>.

  • wget<release>/delorean/overcloud-full.tar

    Download <release> overcloud images tar file [liberty|mitaka|newton|...]

  • openstack overcloud image upload --update-existing

    Once downloaded the images, this command will upload them to glance.

Debugging CI


    Check submissions CI status.

  • wget -e robots=off -r --no-parent <patch_ID>

    Download all logs from <patch_ID>.

  • console.html & logs/postci.txt.gz

    Relevant log files when debuging a TripleO Gerrit job.

If you think there are more useful commands to add to the list just add a comment!

Happy TripleOing!


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