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Printed TripleO cheatsheets for FOSDEM/DevConf (feedback needed)

We are working preparing some cheatsheets for people jumping into TripleO.

So there is an early WIP version for a few cheatsheets that we want to share:

TripleO manual installation (Just a copy/paste step-wise process to install TripleO).

Deployments - Debugging tips (Relevant commands to know what’s happening with the deployment).

Deployments - CI (URL’s and resources to check our CI status).

OOOQ installation (Also a step-wise recipe to install OOOQ, does not exist yet).

We already have some drafts available in GitHub.

So, we will like to have some feedback from the community and make a stable version for the cheatsheets in the next week.

Feedback for adding/removing content and general reviews about all of them is welcomed.



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