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Installing the TripleO UI

This is a brief recipe to use or install TripleO UI in the Undercloud.

First, once installed the Undercloud, the TripleO UI is already available in the 3000 port.

Let’s assume you have both root password for your development environment and the Undercloud node.

TripleO-UI queries directly the endpoints (i.e. keystone) from your browser, so we need the traffic for the net forwarded from your workstation to the Undercloud node in order to reach all required ports (6385, 5000, 8004, 8080, 9000, 8989, 3000, 13385, 13000, 13004, 13808, 9000, 13989 and 443).

Let’s install sshuttle in your workstation.

sudo yum install -y sshuttle

Now, let’s get the Undercloud IP and configure SSH with a ProxyCommand.

undercloudIp=`ssh root@labserver "arp -e" | grep brext | grep -v incomplete | awk '{print $1}' | sed 's/\/.*$//'`

cat << EOF >> ~/.ssh/config
Host lab
  Hostname labserver
  User root
Host uc
  Hostname $undercloudIp
  User root
  ProxyCommand ssh -vvvv -W %h:%p root@lab

sshuttle will ask you for your hypervisor and Undercloud root password.

To start forwarding the traffic execute:

sshuttle -e "ssh -vvv" -r root@uc -vvvv

Once you have done this, open from your browser and the TripleO UI should be shown correctly.

It’s probable that you receive an error like: Connection to Keystone is not available.

This is because you are trying to access the Keystone endpoint from your workstation and it fails as the certificate is self-signed. In order to fix this, open the developer view in your browser and check the endpoint you are using to access keystone. For example, now open this URL in your browser and acept the certificate. If you do this the Keystone error should go away.

If you need a TripleO UI development environment follow:

The first step will be to install the TripleO UI and all the dependencies.

  sudo yum install -y nodejs npm tmux
  git clone
  cd tripleo-ui
  npm install

Now, we need to update all the TripleO UI config files

  cp ~/tripleo-ui/config/tripleo_ui_config.js.sample ~/tripleo-ui/config/tripleo_ui_config.js
  echo "Changing the default IP"
  export ENDPOINT_ADDR=$(cat stackrc | grep OS_AUTH_URL= | awk -F':' '{print $2}'| tr -d /)
  sed -i "s/[0-9]\{1,3\}\.[0-9]\{1,3\}\.[0-9]\{1,3\}\.[0-9]\{1,3\}/$ENDPOINT_ADDR/g" ~/tripleo-ui/config/tripleo_ui_config.js

  echo "Removing comments for the keystone URI"
  sed -i '/^  \/\/ '\''keystone'\''\:/s/^  \/\///' ~/tripleo-ui/config/tripleo_ui_config.js

  echo "Removing comments for the zaqar_default_queue"
  sed -i '/^  \/\/ '\''zaqar_default_queue'\''\:/s/^  \/\///' ~/tripleo-ui/config/tripleo_ui_config.js

  # Uncomment all the parameters
  # sed -i '/^  \/\/ '\''.*'\''\:/s/^  \/\///' ~/tripleo-ui/config/tripleo_ui_config.js

  echo "Changing listening port for the dev server, 3000 already used"
  sed -i '/port: 3000/s/3000/33000/' ~/tripleo-ui/

In the following step we will use tmux to persist the service running for debugging purposes.

  tmux new -s tripleo-ui
  cd ~/tripleo-ui/
  npm start

At this stage you should have up and running your node server (33000 port).

If you followed the first step to see the default TripleO UI installation go to log in the TripleO UI:

Happy TripleOing!

Updated 2017/01/13: First version.

Updated 2017/01/14: Add default TripleO UI info. Still getting 'Connection to Keystone is not available' the config params are correct, checking it...

Updated 2017/01/17: Forwarded all the required ports using sshuttle.


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