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Installing TripleO Quickstart

This is a brief recipe about how to manually install TripleO Quickstart in a remote 32GB RAM box and not dying trying it.

Now instack-virt-setup is deprecated :( :( :( so the manual process needs to evolve and use OOOQ (TripleO Quickstart).

This post is a brief recipe about how to provision the Hypervisor node and deploy an end-to-end development environment based on TripleO-Quickstart.

From the hypervisor run:

# In this dev. env. /var is only 50GB, so I will create
# a sym link to another location with more capacity.
# It will take easily more tan 50GB deploying a 3+1 overcloud
sudo mkdir -p /home/libvirt/
sudo ln -sf /home/libvirt/ /var/lib/libvirt
# Add default toor user
sudo useradd toor
echo "toor:toor" | chpasswd
echo "toor ALL=(root) NOPASSWD:ALL" | sudo tee -a /etc/sudoers.d/toor
sudo chmod 0440 /etc/sudoers.d/toor
sudo yum install -y lvm2 lvm2-devel
su - toor

sudo yum groupinstall "Virtualization Host" -y
sudo yum install git -y

# Disable requiretty otherwise the deployment will fail...
sudo sed -i -e 's/Defaults[ \t]*requiretty/#Defaults requiretty/g' /etc/sudoers

mkdir .ssh
ssh-keygen -t rsa -N "" -f .ssh/id_rsa
cat .ssh/ >> .ssh/authorized_keys
sudo bash -c "cat .ssh/ >> /root/.ssh/authorized_keys"
sudo bash -c "echo '' >> /etc/hosts"
export VIRTHOST=

ssh root@$VIRTHOST uname -a

Now, we can start deploying TripleO Quickstart by following:

# Source:
# Downstream bits for OSP8 ...
# cd
# sudo yum -y install /usr/bin/c_rehash ca-certificates
# sudo update-ca-trust check
# sudo update-ca-trust force-enable
# sudo update-ca-trust enable
# wget cert.pem
# sudo cp cert.pem /etc/pki/tls/certs/
# sudo cp cert.pem /etc/pki/ca-trust/source/anchors/
# sudo c_rehash
# sudo update-ca-trust extract
# git clone
# cd tripleo-quickstart
# wget
# cd
# chmod u+x ./tripleo-quickstart/
# bash ./tripleo-quickstart/ --install-deps
# bash ./tripleo-quickstart/ -v --release rhos-8-baseos-undercloud --clean --teardown all --requirements "/home/toor/tripleo-quickstart/internal-requirements-new.txt" $VIRTHOST

git clone
chmod u+x ./tripleo-quickstart/
printf "\n\nSee:\n./tripleo-quickstart/ --help for a full list of options\n\n"
bash ./tripleo-quickstart/ --install-deps

export VIRTHOST=
export CONFIG=~/deploy-config.yaml

cat > $CONFIG << EOF

# undercloud_undercloud_hostname: undercloud.ratata-domain

# control_memory: 8192
# compute_memory: 6120

# undercloud_memory: 10240
# undercloud_vcpu: 4
# undercloud_workers: 3

# default_vcpu: 1

custom_nameserver: ''
undercloud_undercloud_nameservers: ''              
overcloud_dns_servers: ''

# node_count: 4

# overcloud_nodes:
#   - name: control_0
#     flavor: control
#     virtualbmc_port: 6230
#   - name: control_1
#     flavor: control
#     virtualbmc_port: 6231
#   - name: control_2
#     flavor: control
#     virtualbmc_port: 6232
#   - name: compute_0
#     flavor: compute
#     virtualbmc_port: 6233

# topology: >-
#   --control-scale 3
#   --compute-scale 1

extra_args: >-
  --libvirt-type qemu
#   -e /usr/share/openstack-tripleo-heat-templates/environments/puppet-pacemaker.yaml

run_tempest: false

# We disable SELINUX as it breaks the deployment
# You will get some permission denied when running
# the Ansible playbooks
sudo setenforce 0

bash ./tripleo-quickstart/ \
                --clean \
                --release master \
                --teardown all \
                --tags all \
                -e @$CONFIG \

In the hypervisor run the following command to log-in in the Undercloud:

ssh -F /home/toor/.quickstart/ssh.config.ansible undercloud

# Add the TRIPLEO_ROOT var to stackrc
# to use with tripleo-ci
echo "export TRIPLEO_ROOT=~" >> stackrc

source stackrc

At this point you should have your development environment deployed correctly.

Clone the tripleo-ci repo:

git clone

And, run the Overcloud pingtest:

~/tripleo-ci/scripts/ --overcloud-pingtest

Enjoy TripleOing (~˘▾˘)~

Note: I had to execute the deployment command 3/4 times to have an OK deployment, sometimes it just fails (i.e. timeout getting the images).

Note: From the host, virsh list --all will work only as the stack user.

Note: Each time you run the command from the hypervisor the UC and OC will be nuked (--teardown all), you will see tasks like ‘PLAY [Tear down undercloud and overcloud vms] **’.

Note: If you delete the Overcloud i.e. using heat stack-delete overcloud you can re-deploy what you had by running the dynamically generated script in the stack home folder from the UC.

Note: There are several options for TripleO Quickstart besides the basic virthost deployment, check them here:

Updated 2017/03/17: Bleh, had to execute several times the deployment command to have it working.. :/ I miss you instack-virt-setup

Updated 2017/03/16: The --config option seems to be broken, using instead -e @~/deploy-config.yaml.

Updated 2017/03/14: New workflow added.

Updated 2017/02/27: Working fine.

Updated 2017/02/23: Seems to work.

Updated 2017/02/23: instack-virt-setup is deprecatred :( moving to tripleo-quickstart.


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