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Install and share your terminal session

This is an easy solution for sharing terminal sessions over ssh. is great terminal sharing app, you can think of it as Teamviewer for ssh.

To avoid compiling issues and dependencies, we will get the static build directly from GitHub to automagically use it.

# Get files and install
tar -xvzf tmate-2.2.1-static-linux-amd64.tar.gz
sudo mv ./tmate-2.2.1-static-linux-amd64/tmate /usr/bin/
sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/tmate
rm -rf tmate-2.2.1-static-linux-amd64*

# echo "export TERM=xterm" >> .bashrc

#Configure Tmate using ln2 as the default server
sudo tee -a ~/.tmate.conf > /dev/null <<'EOF'
set -g tmate-server-host ""

And that is it, enjoy.

Use tmate and share the linkā€¦

Running tmate as a daemon

You can run tmate detached, and retrieve the SSH connection strings as follow:

tmate -S /tmp/tmate.sock new-session -d               # Launch tmate in a detached state
tmate -S /tmp/tmate.sock wait tmate-ready             # Blocks until the SSH connection is established
tmate -S /tmp/tmate.sock display -p '#{tmate_ssh}'    # Prints the SSH connection string
tmate -S /tmp/tmate.sock display -p '#{tmate_ssh_ro}' # Prints the read-only SSH connection string
tmate -S /tmp/tmate.sock display -p '#{tmate_web}'    # Prints the web connection string
tmate -S /tmp/tmate.sock display -p '#{tmate_web_ro}' # Prints the read-only web connection string

Note that it is important to specify a socket (e.g. /tmp/dev.sock) as tmate uses a random socket name by default.

You can think of tmate as a reverse ssh tunnel accessible from anywhere.

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